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January 4, 2013
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DAMMED - Seine by monokroe DAMMED - Seine by monokroe
kasjf O-OKAY I was on the fence with Fero...then I found a story she'd work better in (still trying to find a way to have her...not explode anatomically skldfj). So. Idk. Excuse to design another character I guess? //hit
Please let me know if there's anything I can fix sldjkf asdf

N a m e : Seine
A l i a s : (none atm!)
A g e : 230 (late teens)
S e x : Male
H e i g h t : 312 cm (10'2")// 194 cm (6'4")
W e i g h t : 130 kg (287 lbs) // 86 kg (185 lbs)
E l e m e n t : Holy
Q u o t e : "OHHH!! no I still don't get it....Sorry..."
P a r t n e r : None yet. :iconforeveraloneplz:
P e r s o n a l i t y :
+Friendly || - Spacy || + Resilient || - Ardent || - Inconsistent || +Honest

Seine is friendly to almost anyone, though a bit timid with other demons. Resilience is one of his strongest points - though it includes the part of him that forgets the bad things quickly, it is also incorporated into his tendency to repeat mistakes. His mannerisms and preferences tend to be inconsistent, often fluctuating on a day to day basis. Conservative diplomacy to save face is something not in his vocabulary - he'll defend his beliefs, then be humiliated later when proven otherwise; it is also perfect for the shrewd to take advantage of.
What he lacks in intellect he makes up with some kind of physical prowess, though what exactly even he is not sure - sneaking around silently is one to say the least. He tends to throw himself into situations without much thought for what might happen after, often ending up confusing himself as to what he was doing in the first place. Seine is quick to take action if something is asked within is capabilities, though sometimes he can be overly ardent regarding certain tasks or themes. Furthermore, he helps no matter who asks as long as it doesn't go against what little standards he has, whether it be for good or evil.

S p e c i e s :
Named after their cry similar to that of tinnitus (ringing ear), Tinnitae are a species of holy demon found commonly in urban areas of the world. Despite their close proximity to the human population, they use their light-bending powers to shroud themselves in a cloak of illusions - nocturnal in nature, they roam the streets and alleyways in the late hours of the day, using street lights to provide continuous cover for themselves despite their large size. The Tinnitae's rather intimidating appearance is in fact a defence mechanism, evolving over millennium to resemble a more predatory shadow demon that it shares its habitat with. In actuality they are not built to fight, but to scavenge and live off of other organisms in the ecosystem. Young Tinnitae are known as "kits", groups of Tinnitae "flocks".

A b i l i t i e s :
Light Cloak
If enough light is present, ability to cloak self for extended periods of time. Light sources such as starlight are not enough to use this ability; furthermore, slightest disturbance in concentration will dispel the cloak. Seine uses this most commonly.

Ability to nullify the effects of weak poison. Only partial alleviation of symptoms is possible for stronger poisons.

Currently only minute regeneration is possible, equivalent to amount of energy available within the body. No ability to regenerate others as of yet.

B a c k gr o u n d :
Seine was found floating in the Seine River of Paris as a young kit, picked up by a young French man named Jack. Jack had originally intended to bring Seine to the circus or zoo, but decided against it on mere whim. At first, Jack cared for the young demon day in and day out, fueled by the novelty of the creature he had found. As Seine grew older and larger however, problems began to arise - the apartment was much too small for the growing demon, and Jack's interest began to wan, thoughts shifting more on his own future rather than that of the demon. One day Jack carelessly left one of the windows open - it was an accident, but when Seine escaped, Jack left it at that and never bothered to look for his pet demon.
For several months Seine explored the city - eventually he found his way into the catacombs which soon became his new home for the next few decades. Unafraid of humans, time and time again he startled visitors with his careless meandering; eventually the church was called upon to try and exorcise the demon, which was rather ineffective. One of the young priests persisted however - a man named Peter, not much older than Jack . For weeks on end Peter tried to get rid of Seine using various methods- in one incident, he stared horrified as Seine drank the holy water that was supposed to kill him. Spurred on by his determination to exterminate the demon, Peter wandered a bit too deep in the catacombs, eventually losing his way in the labyrinth of graves. As days passed Peter continued to wander, silently stalked by Seine whom followed closely behind. No longer able to stay conscious, the priest passed out - the next thing he knew he was dangling from Seine's jaws, moving forward in the pitch black, walls lit up in spots from the demon's faint glow. Any other time he would have struggled, but the priest was too tired - he continued to dangle limply from the creatures jaws before falling unconscious once more. The second time he awoke, he was back at the entrance of the catacombs, Seine nestled sleeping by his side.
For months Peter did not come back, afraid that the church would excommunicate him for being helped by a demon. Curiousity got the better of him however, as it always seemed to do. Again he ventured deep into the catacombs, this time on purpose. Again Seine appeared, and again he lead Peter out of the maze, this time in only a few hours. The time frame between visits shrank as human and demon got to know each other until their meetings became part of a daily routine. Seine and Peter lived this way until the day the priest passed away. The demon continued to dwell in the deepest bowels of the catacombs for several more decades - the world changed outside and soon, there were spotlights on him, the shadow of an element-resistant net launched his way. For years Seine was held at a military laboratory with other demons - some attendants treated him nicely, while others were not as keen. He was easily contented and did not think ill of his situation - for several years he stayed in the confines of the cages, undergoing testing every once in a while.

R P. P r o m p t:
"Come on...!" someone yelled in the distance, all the way on the other side of the holding facility as far as Seine could tell. The voice echoed against the underground bunker's walls - it was hard to pinpoint an exact location. Was it time for more testing? The demon yawned widely, wincing a bit at the sore spots where needles and intruded over and over. Surely it was not feeding time yet, they had just been fed several days ago. Cylindrical ears perked up as footsteps grew closer, accompanied by the unmistakable sound of the cage barriers disarming with a hydraulic hiss. A white-haired man soon came into view - Seine tilted his head in curiousity as his enclosure too hissed and opened. "Get out while you can." The man said curtly, then continued along the rows of cages, opening them swiftly. Seine didn't terribly hate this place, but nor did he like it. It was boring, there were no questions to ask. With a shrug he trotted out of the cell, following the other demons that flowed out from the hole in the wall.
"Bonding with a human..." "Is it possible?" " Surely it will be ok." " ...that is where he said it was....""better than being alone."
Eavesdropping on the conversations of other demons, Seine caught wind of something possibly interesting - he definitely liked living with humans, why not 'bond' with one? With that he took off, easing open the wings that had laid flat for so long within the laboratory.

N o t e s :
- His eyes are still posterior to the scapula in him human form - his face does have indications where the eyes should be, but have no actual eyes; this hinders him quite a bit as he is unused to such a form, though a keen sense of smell aids him somewhat.
- Lighter spots on skin glow faintly.
- Necklace is a solid rod of silver engraved with Psalm 56:3 "When I am afraid, I will trust in you.", given to him by Peter. It is considerably heavy at 2 kgs. Worn around waist in humanoid form.
- Latin is his first "language" from listening to Peter read the bible. Secondary is French; he does not communicate very well in the language of demons.
- Manner of speech is quick and strung together - think of an auctioneer slowed down a fraction, with less enunciation lol Voice is nasal and high for a male his stature.
- More or less savvy regarding human customs.
- Not overly religious, but he does believe there is something out there that has created everything.
- Wings scaled down in app.
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Je ne sais, ne sais, ne sais pas pourquoi
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Je ne sais, ne sais, ne sais pas pourquoi
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